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Collisions between large commercial trucks — tractor-trailers, semis, tanker trucks, and other “big rigs” — and passenger cars are typically much more serious than other types of crashes. The size and weight of a large truck makes a crash more destructive, and the commercial ownership of the truck makes it more complicated to obtain compensation for the injuries suffered.

Pursuing a personal injury claim or wrongful death case involving a commercial motor vehicle accident requires a serious investment of time and resources. You need attorneys with detailed knowledge of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. In fact, all aspects of handling a truck accident claim — including dealing with multiple liable parties and understanding related laws and technology — require skilled litigators with extensive experience. We have personal injury attorneys in Montgomery as well as Birmingham waiting to assist you.

About Our Truck Accident Attorneys

At the Serious Injury Law Group, our truck accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to handle these complex claims. You can count on our talented legal team to thoroughly investigate your crash, identify all liable parties, and aggressively pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. Through the process, you can trust our team to look out for your best interests because:

  • We fight to win, not to settle quickly and move on to the next case. Our attorneys are committed to preparing solid cases that allow us to negotiate from a position of strength. We will not give in to insurance company pressure or delay tactics, and our team is always prepared to move forward with a truck accident lawsuit. Our experienced trial attorneys have a long track record of successful litigation. So the opposing parties in your case will know you are well-equipped to fight in court if necessary.
  • Our law firm only handles personal injury cases. Truck and other motor vehicle accidents make up the bulk of our caseload, which we limit to personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our attorneys are thoroughly versed in Birmingham personal injury law and insurance company regulations, as well as federal and state trucking industry regulations. Our focus is on your needs and fighting for full and fair compensation after a commercial truck accident.
  • Our attorneys know Alabama because we were born and raised here. We have family and roots in Alabama. When truck accidents cause injury and destruction in our cities, on interstate highways like I-65, I-20 or I-85, or elsewhere in Alabama, it matters to us. In addition to obtaining justice for victims of truck accidents, holding motor carriers and others in the trucking industry accountable sends a message to those who would act with carelessness and recklessness on our state’s highways.

Contact our Birmingham truck accident attorneys today to set up a free consultation. Call us today or fill out our online form to get started. We can meet with you at our law offices in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, or Lowndes County, or our attorneys can come to your home or anywhere else that’s convenient.

Our Lawyers Work Quickly to Preserve Evidence After a Truck Accident

To investigate a commercial truck accident and determine who is a fault and should be held accountable, we need to obtain evidence that is in the hands of the truck’s owner, usually a corporate trucking company. Before the evidence is destroyed or “lost,” we need to ask a court to order the motor carrier or whoever owns this material to preserve it for a legal claim.

Two important pieces of evidence in a truck accident investigation include:

  • The truck’s event data recorder (EDR)In addition to examining the damaged vehicle itself, we want access to the “black box” device found in 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks. A truck’s EDR records a variety of data about operation of the vehicle just before a crash. Depending on the age and model of truck, this will include:
    • Date and time of the crash
    • Vehicle speed
    • Engine speed
    • Brake status
    • Clutch status
    • Throttle (gas pedal) position
    • Cruise-control status
    • Steering angle
    • Forward collision warnings
    • Lane-departure warnings
    • Last stop
    • Incident Event Report (e.g., sudden deceleration / acceleration, quick stop, hard brake event, etc.)
    • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) snapshots of truck system sensors reporting data outside normal values
    • GPS-based positional data






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