lista de Frost Bank returning to mortgage lending through tech partnership

Frost Bank is getting back into the mortgage business after about a two-decade hiatus, the San Antonio company announced Thursday.

The bank, a unit of the $46.7 billion-asset Cullen/Frost Bankers, has entered into a deal with technology consulting firm Infosys to build out a digital lending business that will include mortgages and other consumer loans. The bank is currently hiring additional workers for the effort with the aim of offering mortgages within the next year, a spokesman said in an email.

The build-out will also give Frost the ability to service mortgages, allowing the bank “to be

The Federal Housing Finance Agency is making changes to the pricing for home loans Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy. Separately, they are lowering a fee for commingled mortgage-backed securities.

Previously planned price changes are now being codified in new matrixes with three base grids segmented for purchase, rate-term refinance, and cash-out refinance loans, recalibrated to new credit score and loan-to-value ratio categories, according to the FHFA’s press release. 

Some additional granularity in pricing is also provided for loans with debt-income ratios

After exiting the business roughly 20 years ago, the San Antonio bank is working with tech consultant Infosys to help it build out a digital consumer lending business that will include home loans.